DRAFT 7-25-2017


OCTOBER 16-19, 2017


Monday - October 16, 2017 Afternoon

1:00-4:00- Zero-Cost Tier 2 Report Management Workshop using Tier2Submit/CAMEO


Brianne Connelly-- NOAA CAMEO Suite Project Manager

Kristen Faiferlick CAMEO and Tier2Submit Technical Writer

Kenny Harmon Arkansas Tier 2 Manager; SERC Member

Tim Gablehouse Colorado SERC Member

Henry Jolly New Mexico Tier 2 Manager; SERC Member

Tom Bergman Oklahoma Tier 2 Manager; SERC Member

The workshop will focus on strategies for effective, zero-cost management of Tier 2 reports using a combination of Tier2Submit, CAMEO and Google Earth Products. Arkansas, Colorado, New Mexico, and Oklahoma have all implemented a 1-stop-shop system for Tier2 collection, management and distribution. The regulated community submits Tier 2 reports electronically to the state office, and does not send duplicate reports to the LEPCs and FDs. Essentially, all these states have implemented their Tier 2 system at zero-cost by utilizing Tier 2 Submit software as the required submission software. Each state officer will provide a presentation on their system. Kristen Faiferlick will present on a NOAA project to make Tier 2 information available as an application for tablets and other devices. Brianne Connelly will discuss NOAA plans for future development of Tier2 Submit and CAMEO as pertaining to Tier2 Chemical Reporting.

Note: NASTTPO is aware that many states have implemented electronic Tier 2 filing via commercial or proprietary software, often supported by fees. This workshop is designed to share the experiences of states in implementing a "1-stop-shop" Tier 2 report collection, management, and distribution system using a low to zero cost option.

2:00-4:00- PHMSA One on One Workshop

4:00 pm- Board Meeting

4:00 pm- Registration Begins

Tuesday - October 17, 2017

8:00 am- Visit with NASTTPO Board and Speakers

8:30 am- Welcome Greeting from HotZone Committee

9:00am- NASTTPO Business 2017 Annual Meeting;

- Membership Committee, etc. Tom Bergman, NASTTPO Vice President

9:45 10:00 am - Break

10:00 11:30 am - Laws and Rules Update and Potential Impact for LEPCs, Emergency Responders and States (including EPCRA 311/312, SPCCs for Hazardous Chemicals, RMP, and RCRA) Tim Gablehouse

LUNCH on your own 11:30 am-1:00 pm

1:00 2:15 pm- PHMSA Presentation Final Report Expectations and New HMEP Reporting Requirements [TBD]

2:15 2:30 pm- Break

2:30 3:30 pm- NOAA CAMEO Software Suite Developments (Brianne Connolly and Kristen Fairferlick)

3:30 3:45 pm- Break

3:45 4:30 pm- [DHS CFATS and/or OHSA] [TBD]

Wednesday October 18, 2017

8:00 am- Visit with NASTTPO Board Members and Speakers

8:30 9:00 am- Membership Vote on Annual Meeting Location

9:00 9:15 am- Break

9:15 9:45 am- National Spill Reporting Steve Mason EPA Region 6

9:45 10:00 am- Break

10:00 11:30 am- Making the Most of Your Exercises in an Austere Budget Environment CDR Joseph J. Leonard, Jr. (USCG, ret.), Senior Consultant Center for Toxicology & Environmental Health

LUNCH on your own 11:30 am to 1:15 pm

1:15 2:15 pm- EPA UPDATE EPA Headquarters [TBD]

2:15 2:30 pm- Break

2:30 3:00 pm- Transcaer Donna Lepik

3:00 4:00 pm- LEPC Survey Results Tom Bergman

Thursday October 19, 2017

8:00 5:00 pm- CAMEO Suite Training